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Belief Statements
  • We believe that all children are good.
  • We believe in building positive relationships with students.
  • We believe in high academic standards.
  • We believe in the philosophy of the Circle of Courage (which allows a sense of belonging, generosity, independence and mastery.
  • We believe in students becoming life-long learners.
  • We believe in continual professional growth.
  • We believe in a supportive staff environment.
  • We believe in the importance of developing an internal locus of control.
  • We believe in a safe learning environment.
  • We believe that children are resilient.
  • We believe that promoting growth in children requires collaboration between home, school, and community.
  • We believe in celebrating diversity.
  • We believe in teaching behaviors through positive and personal intervention.
  • We believe in the importance of children having a positive self-image.


Program Purpose

Connects Learning Center is a unique educational opportunity for students grades 11-12.  It provides an alternative setting, computer-based curriculum, a service learning component, and work experience opportunities. 


Program Philosophy

Connects Learning Center creates/fosters an educational environment where students are provided an opportunity to develop a positive self-image.  This philosophy is adapted from the “Circle of Courage.” The school setting strongly resembles a small community in which the student has the opportunity to develop a sense of belonging, generosity, mastery, and independence; traits that are necessary for the development of a positive self-image.  The program is designed to promote the four core areas.


Program Description

The Connects Learning Center’s programs provide a unique educational experience that offers 11-12 grade students an alternative opportunity to graduate.  The program embraces the premise that students will improve their behavior and/or academic effort if they are provided with an alternative learning environment.  Students are offered an individualized program and school day.


The majority of instruction is delivered via computer with one-to-one assistance from the teaching staff.  The curriculum is aligned with the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Model Academic Standards.


The Connects Learning Center employs licensed teachers and maintains a reasonable student/teacher ratio.  Students are required to achieve individualized mastery of the material. A service learning project and work experience component is also incorporated in this program.

Our Staff
Stacey Adamczyk

Lead Teacher
Tel: 414-766-5091


Tel: 414-766-5092

Beth Gorzek

School Counselor
Tel: 414-766-5093

Joselena Ortiz

Support Staff
Tel: 414-766-5090

Orientation Video

What does my son/daughter need to do to attend CLC?

Connects Learning Center works with at-risk students who have been unsuccessful in a traditional high school setting.  Examples of some of the characteristics that the alternative school students possess could be: credit deficiency, truancy, lack of motivation, and problems with academics.

The home school’s team recommends the students for placement into the Connects Learning Center.  If a student is interested in applying, they should contact their guidance counselor at their home school to begin the application process.

What are the admission procedures?

  1. Students must be enrolled at South Milwaukee, Cudahy, Oak Creek, or Franklin High School.

  2. Students must be referred by their school’s designated team: students may not apply directly to CONNECTS LEARNING CENTER.

  3. Previous interventions from the South Milwaukee, Oak Creek, Franklin, or Cudahy School Districts must be documented prior to placement request.

  4. Potential candidates will complete application.

  5. Connects team members will meet to screen student applications.

  6. Connects team, including the Lead Teacher, will interview the applicant and parent must be present.

  7. Accepted applicants and parents/guardians will sign the contract, which includes specific terms of the agreement.

  8. Each applicant will receive a letter regarding his/her status.

  9. Each applicant will be placed on probation for a one-month period.

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Educational Goals


  • Students may move freely between Connects Learning Center and resident high school to earn required credits towards graduation.

  • Students demonstrate citizenship and earn credits through required community service activities.

  • Students develop career goals and earn credits through career assessment, exploration activities, employability skills and related work experience.

  • Students exhibit responsibility for their attendance and behavior.


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